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I've been having a Star Wars marathon so this is really funny right now. Like I just used the Force to open the doors at Walmart.

someone come do my makeup like this daily, please.. (makeup-madness/tumblr)

For me, it's either, I have my hand up for 10 minutes then the teacher answers it. Or, I have my hand up for a long time, then I give up and put it down. Immediately after the teacher calls on somebody other than me

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This truth kills me every time I am the "tooth fairy". Truly one of the most stressful times of my life.

ahaha guilty

my little brother and sister! And the same happened to my little brother, he made my little sister cry and then tried to make her laugh.

I tried to explain how crazy my friends are to my crush  (one of my bffs ) And he stared at me like I was crazy.

hahaha why is this so true? i still love my friends though :)<<<< idk it just is so true

I'm sorry but there are just too many things to think about

I'm not a teenager but I can totally relate to this. Standing under the water, kid free for 30 minutes, enjoying the silence!

hahaha! http://ibeebz.com

School dress code is dumb. Girls can't show their shoulders? What guy is gonna look at a girl and be like. "Dang, that's a FINE shoulder.


Teenager Post Dear Math, I liked you a lot better before you and the alphabet started hooking up.



Teenager Post Flushing the toilet at night when everyone is asleep makes it seem 100 times louder.

Die murderer die!

Teenager Posts this is a perfect explanation!<<< i said that to my mum and she just shook her head and walked away<< so gonna use this my mom hates my messy room!

Me mentally playing the Jepordy song in my head as the microwave is going.

Most of these teen posts are strange and i dont know why i didnt make a quotes board so im pinning them on my style board. my-style