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이하이 Rose

Looks like Lee Hi is very close to a comeback after 3 long years!Last month, YG Entertainment confirmed Lee Hi was…

HI SUHYUN Lee Hi Feat Bobby for I’m Different

I ship this two they're so adorable, Bobby + Lee Hi❤💗❤💗❤

Bahahaha } Wrong context for "sumimasen"~~~but still! Hahaha

We Got Married Global Edition Season Bahahaha I love Hongki! } Wrong context for "sumimasen"~~~but still!

SOMEONE ELSE MADE THE CONNECTION. Although it's blatantly obvious, and not just Kpop fans, seeing as anime is a JAPANESE thing. And Japanese are Asians, and Koreans are Asians, but we just sort of gathered everyone from Japan and china and Taiwan and everywhere else and put them together.

This is so true it's not even funny!!!

I was once only an Otaku but now, I'm a hybrid. Half otaku, half k-pop fan.