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I am not just a fan of nikes whatsoever! But I MIGHT just wear these oh the 4th of July with my navy Mom attire...Thats a BIG might!!!

Keep your fitness routine entertaining by adding in music you love that will make the time and/or distance fly by!

Piloting Paper Airplanes | 7 lessons for running the trail - Piloting Paper Airplanes

WilderFIT Colorado offers awesome women's retreats with hiking, yoga, massages, healthy food & more!

Pictures: Skyhoundz frisbee dog champs

Pictures: Skyhoundz frisbee dog champs

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Tarahumara, Born to Run

The tarahumara workout

The great Tarahumara runner, Arnulfo Quimare. These Tarahumara people are truly badass runners.

Trail Running the Grand Canyon. // I might just be getting dangerously inspired...

RUNNING - gotta be better at running so I can do trail running later. (Trail Running the Grand Canyon.