I get this when trying to explain depersonalization. I hate having to explain it because it's pretty much impossible.

I dont think people understand how stressful it is to explain whats going on in my head when i dont even understand it myself .

"Nothing is wrong. But nothing is right either"

This made me cry cuz this is how I feel everyday and yea I am tired and being strong for everyone else.I'm just tired

I don't care if I look ugly lol, man I always feel ugly, because I am! In my opinion haha If a guy really likes you or that whatever stuff, he would like you for how you are and what you really are like, and not for how you put your mask on hiding your real self from him. I would like a guy who wouldn't care less about makeup lol.

& she tries her hardest to look good, but she still feels ugly Quotes :),QUOTES GALORE

Me...from the first word to the very last.

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Depression quote: Sometimes you just need someone to tell you you're not as terrible as you think you are.

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Thinking is a part of life. Overthinking and unhealthy attitudes about ourselves changes the game. We need to focus on practicing self compassion if we want to pull out of the pit named despair. 10 types of stinkin thinkin

4 am is when I loose all control, when I beg for my razor, when I clench my my hands into fists to try to stop them from shaking, when I curl up in a ball to muffle my sobs and hold my shaking body still as I can. 4 am is when I silently shatter behind closed doors and try to hold on to life even though all I want to do is let go-sb

4 am is not for the happy, it is not for the fulfilled. 4 am is for the lonely, awake with emptiness, and the feeling of never being good enough, it is for the desire to be loved in return. by someone that wouldn't waste their time on missing you.

I feel like this everyday, I sit there cross legged in the middle of the night thinking about where to go. - M

Im not myself anymore & that scares me the most. I feel empty, i feel lost. I just needed someone to make me feel like myself back.


The thought in my head kill me slowly every day. Some days feel as tho there will never be an end.

I bet you will relate as much as I did…

I bet you will relate as much as I did… (A life with Borderline in pictures)