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Death by Oliver Nome

Death friends by Oliver Nome

you get what everyone gets.

halcyonether said: *squints* Are those MCR lyrics in your adulting tags? Well, yes, those lines are used in an MCR song, but GWay totally borrowed them from Death from The Sandman.

The Endless

One of my favorite Dream & Delirium sketches.

Dance of Death by CitizenWolfie on DeviantArt

Dream Death Desire Delirium Despair Destruction Destiny From The Sandman >

Morpheus (fanart for Neil Gaiman's The Sandman)

Morpheus (fanart for Neil Gaiman's The Sandman)

KidSTUFF: Death by on @deviantART

Death from The Sandman with a little nod to Dead KidSTUFF: Death

Fangirl Challenge [2/10] Female characters : Death

Death- sandman by Neil gaiman

Death by on @deviantART

Death by Louie Joyce

Lucas Werneck

The Sandman - Delirium (Delirio)


love the character Death from the Sandman comics.

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The Endless (kids)

bobjackets:  Death art by Shawn Yap.

comicsodissey: “ Death of the Endless by ”

Sandman and Death commission by Colleen Doran

colleen doran and her beautiful version of morpheus

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reillybrown: Here’s a convention sketch of Death, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I’ll be at NYCC TOMORROW, and all weekend, doing sketches and commissions and the like at table in Artist’s alley.

More Little Big Heads. I'm gonna start drawing The Sandman with bags under his eyes, I like making Dream look sleepy. Little Big Heads set 4

The Sandman Death by on @deviantART