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So true.

A little humor for your day…

Dear mother nature, i'd like to cancel my monthly subscription. So true!

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I hate voicemails. I don't have a voicemail box for this reason. Either text me or I'll see that you called and call back when I get a chance.

Here are some touching moments and acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity.

Need a little push to get you started into the new year? Here are some touching moments and acts of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity.>>I really like the Christmas carolers one

I have a British accent and people tell me I talk too much.......and I thought I was a good listener!  go figure!

so I have an american accent and I never shut up, but I'd talk even more with a british. I'd never stop if I had an Irish accent.


I can relate: That awkward run/walk you do when a car lets you cross the road.


I know some ppl like this. Lemme catch one of them trying to roast marshmallows on my fire. I'll give them a BIG HUG so we can roast together.

i need to talk to you.

It's true! I do panic every single time! (Especially when my mom says it!

I definitely thought that was true when I was a little kid!

My brother told me aliens and monsters lived under the bed.then the next morning I stuck my led off and hit the dog's leg and thought it was a monster's leg.from then on i would crawl to the end of the bed and take a flying leap out of my room :D

Does it say bad things about me that I found this to be hilarious?

When people see you lying down with your eyes closed they still ask: "Are you sleeping?" "NO, I'M TRAINING TO DIE.

Now this is exactly how Future Progression feels like. Half dreaming and half awake.

Story of my life! Autopilot driving isn't safe -- oh well!

apparently it is

Ward's Random Picture Dump

Bathtub that covers my knees and boobs at the same time. Tall girl and busty girl problem.

I always say this to @Esther Aduriz Raty and she still never thinks they're cute :)

"He's cute, I swear. Let me find a better picture. How many times have single ladies heard this from their friends trying to set them up on dates.

look up, thundercloud, the soon will sun shine. wait, that's not right ❤ liked on Polyvore

Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning, Thundercloud? I'm going to say that to the next grumpy person I run into :)

rebloggy.com post lol-funny-true-true-story-i-can-relate-so-true-teen-quotes-relatable-funny-quote 22351472989

rebloggy.com post lol-funny-true-true-story-i-can-relate-so-true-teen-quotes-relatable-funny-quote 22351472989