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Never underestimate the power of a best friend's mother.

Julie Walters' performance as Molly tears me up. She's an amazing, loving mom to all her kids including her son in love (and eventual son in-law) Harry.

ugh i hate cleaning up

Our house-elves are currently on strike. You will have to clean up your own mess until further notice. Must print this out and put it one wall, I don't think I have a board for that, so I will just out it in Made me laugh.

Preach it, Boromir :D

BAHAHA LOTR and HP! It's a nerd's dream. Harry Potter is a culture. You can't grow out of that.

Ron and Hermonie in the bathroom making polyjuice potion in the Chamber of Secrets

Ron and Hermione are always so adorable!

One of Lupin's most heart-wrenching lines.

"One of Lupin's most heart-wrenching lines." False, Lupin's MOST heart-wrenching line.

I'm not all that into horoscopes, but do you know what? I'm Serius Black. Yes, yes, yes.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Paul Slayton, via Behance

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 11 x 17 print by PoppyseedHeroes

charlotte-charles:    SIRIUS BLACK      ★      the marauders promo posters    If only it were real!

Oooh, someone made a bunch of promo posters for a fake Marauders movie. "SIRIUS BLACK ★ the marauders promo posters"