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When I open a link and see this… No seriously, once and never more

When I open a link and see this…

Cat reading

I don't care what you think of me. Unless you think I am Awesome. In which Case ~ You are Right. CARRY ON!

"I'd Agree With You" Rustic Wall Decor Box Sign

I don't "agree" just to appease an argument. I need complete truth and balance, even if I am the one who is wrong. "I'd agree, but then we'd both be wrong.

the greatest animated sports gifs of 2012 at http://www.funnyjoke.lol

Funny pictures about Congratulations High School Graduates. Oh, and cool pics about Congratulations High School Graduates. Also, Congratulations High School Graduates.

#BehaviorAnalysis is a hard-science that measures behavior through quantifiable means.

Sick Days and sub plans: I don't always come to work sick but when I do it's because writing sub plans would be worse.Wrote the sub plans and brought them to school, because rewriting emergency sub plans is worse.

Sometimes I forget how to spell a word so I change the whole sentence to avoid using it.  (I know some people who should follow this guideline!)

every time but spell check is there too! thank you God for spell check


skinny feels kind of like hungry. (or maybe the way to skinny feels hungry)

Love ya Jase

That awesome! Dad please do this! I threw a shotgun shell at my daughter's date. Told him it's much faster after 10 pm Duck Dynasty

#Quotes - #FriendsWithBenefits

One of the best quotes from one of my favorite movies. Too true. Friends with benefits