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Naruto is an orphan who, as a newborn, had the dangerous fox-like entity known…

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Naruto: me, the pressure I feel from my buddies during a project or group test

naruto is so  asome

naruto is so asome



Uzumaki Naruto

Finally found the naruto version from this artist.already pinned sasuke and sakura versions:<<< Naruto is so cool!


Hokage Naruto he looks best in the first picture, in my opinion. I like him in blue<<<<< nAn I like him in pink!

Team 7 Reborn....Wait...Where's Kakashi-sensei??? 0~0

Naruto Wallpaper Naruto Anime Animated Wallpapers) – Wallpapers For Desktop

kushina and chibi naruto by renamon-taomon on DeviantArt

Naruto's parents having to watch Naruto grow up without being able to show him the love they desperately want for him. I'm just sitting here crying my eyes out. This is so sad.