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Kali, also known as Kalika, is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali means "black" but has, by folk etymology, come to mean "force of time (kala)." Kali is today considered the goddess of time and change.

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Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is a gentler version of the Violet Flame. It has a nurturing aspect and a definite feminine feel and brings a sense of peace and mercy.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about major hindu festival Dussehra. The myths,traditions and spirituality behind DUrga Puja is unrevealed. Bow your heads before Goddess Durga,this is the time when she visits us.

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- Hindu Goddess of fortune and wealth. The mantra 'OM SHRIM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI SWAHA' is times ever day in order to welcome all forms of abundance into your life.

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The God Shiva dancing with the Hindu Goddess Parvati, the second wife of the former. Parvati is the highest Mother Goddess in Hindu religion from whom all Hindu goddesses were born and fill the universe. In an intimate and harmonious erotical and mystical dance, Shiva and Parvati are united to make the whole universe balanced and alive.

The God Shiva dancing with the Hindu Goddess Parvati, In mystical dance, Shiva and Parvati are united to make the whole universe balanced and alive.

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Kali the goddess of time,change and destruction.She Who Conquers Over All, All-Auspicious, the remover of Darkness, the Excellent One Beyond Time, the bearer of the Skulls of Impure thought the reliever of difficulties, loving, forgiveness, supporter of the Universe.

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The Value of Yoga in everyday life; is in the ability to challenge the old ways. Those ways that turn away from life’s abundance, that run, hide & swallow moments of pain. The ways which seek dullness – a


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