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"Gabriella, your eyes where so light. So alive." "You don't get it Morel, I'm darkness and I'm dead."

my friend Stella she's got beautiful eye color mashallah Lol we went through a lot taking this shot using the light from a vending machine : .

"Now Your Eyes Roll Awake" by Dellaa, via Flickr

this picture is breath taking, the color detail of the eyes are amazing. The close details. it's weirdly beautiful

I have Central Heterochromia

I have Central Heterochromia》》》My eyes are like this, with red flecks.

Carter's eyes

Junelles eyes like pure cold had been melted and poured into her green eyes, dancing, leaving a pattern that looked like a secret language Eyes Lips Nails Makeup Skin Care Hair Care Body Care Tools & Accessories Wigs Teeth Care

The Ghost.

like lightning, her eyes flashed open, rings of radiant violet where blue used to be

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Here,a lil knowledge ~ Central Heterochromia. Example of central heterochromia which is when the iris displays more than one colour. Generally with a sunflower or starburst type pattern around the pupil

Heterochromia--I have this. My right eye is half brown/half forest green (sectoral heterochromia).

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"Will the green peel away and start overtaking the blue depths of the ocean?

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