Magnolias via Beautifully, Suddenly

Pink Magnolias or "Saucer Magnolias" bloom in the South in February. One of the BEST things about February!

Доброе утро всем!

The magnolia is a harbinger that spring has finally arrived. The flower represents "splendid beauty and dignity." The magnolia tree was named after a French botanist from the named Pierre Magnol.

Frühling Foto, Magnolia Baum Blume blüht, Pastel, Rosa und blau, Feminine, Muttertag - ein bisschen flirten

Magnolia Print, Nature Photography, Flower Photography, Pink Magnolia, Gift for Mom, Spring Decor, Floral Wall Art "A Little Flirt"

Spring Photograph, Magnolia Tree Flower Blossoms, Pastel, Pink and Blue.

Sonnet - Wall Mural & Photo Wallpaper - Photowall

Fine Art Photograph Title: Sonnet All photographs are printed on Kodak Endura Professional photographic paper for a photograph with sharp

Tulip Tree - called purple magnolia in Louisiana

Tulip Tree - called purple magnolia in Louisiana Thinking I will replace my palm with one of these!

Goddess Mantra - "I am feminine.  I am sensual.  I am sexual. I am powerful.  Don't ever mistake my kindness for weakness, and don't ever take me for granted." - Sierra Bender <3

Whats up Magnolia Monday ( 4 April ): Good morning lovely Agors :) Why Magnolia.well the magnolia trees here are in full bloom and looking lovely ,also it

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Saucer Magnolia like the one I have in southern Ontario in Canada.over 15 feet tall.