Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Bridge to Eden at the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Brooklyn, NYC, New York

green swimming pool

This is my dream backyard. near the mountains, over the beach, with a natural pool large enough to house some koi :)

עיצוב גינה ארץ ישראלית - חיפוש ב-Google

Grapevine-smothered Pergola Nothing dresses up a plain pergola faster than scrambling, spreading grapevines. Planted at the base of each support, grapevines add lush foliage that shades the seating area beneath.

DIY patio ideas - Loving the idea of extending my concrete slab into a blissful after work work stress buster! Hello easy patios!

DIY It! Five Easy Patio Set-Ups

If you have the space, make a cozy cabana to put in your back yard. First build the frame using PVC pipes. Then dig the foundation holes. Add the legs and, at the end, add the curtains. You can customize this project however you want.