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99 Excelentes Ideas De Tatuajes Para Hombres

Alliebee henna is a Montreal based company that caters to surrounding cities bringing a modern flare to a traditional art form.

Geometric Tattoos by Jessica Svartvit

Geometric Tattoos by Jessica Svartvit

Meticulously Stippled Ornamental Tattoos by Jessica Kinzer & Illusion Magazine

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Mathematical Identity, Geometry is the knowledge from the creation's core, separating us from other creatures and maybe is the only language by which we can express ourselves to other kind of livings and our one and only identity

Imagen de tattoo and art

Tiny mountain, moon, evergreen compass with lavender black ink tattoo on inner upper arm by Taija

Compass tattoo                                                       …:

Compass tattoos are popular with both men and women, though have historically been slightly more common with the guys.

Qual o significado das tatuagens de bússolas

Qual o significado das tatuagens de bússolas

Wrist tattoos for men have evolved greatly over the last few years. Check out what they represent in our huge gallery for the best wrist tattoo designs.

12 Ideas for Refined Spine Tattoos

Looking for a place where to put your next tattoo? Why not have it on your spine? This is an uncommon place to get a tattoo, so you will just be among the few who will have them. Unlike the other parts of your body, spine tattoo looks more elegant and mor


40+ awesome-looking tattoo designs for nerds and geeks

Out of any finger tattoos I've ever seen this is my favorite. thank you foxes Beautifully tattooed.