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Feel the burn, - Grosnez - on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w9PEg?utm_campaign=notify&utm_medium=email&utm_source=notifications_mailer

ArtStation - Feel the burn, - Grosnez -

Dread Knight of the Seraphim by Devtexture

Personal painting, for fun. Dread Knight of the Seraphim

Advancement warrior comes from for advancement fights for overcoming.... Virility wisdom and triumph surround him

Concept of a mage or warrior using an arcane weapon artifact.

Beyond Bodily Brutality: the Basics of Building Battleminds - 'A skilful fighter can make his weapons do tricks that the uninitiated would have thought impossible.  A battlemind is simply a fighter who chooses the fabric of reality as his weapon.  Space will warp, time will dilate, and the very flesh of the battlemind will reform in the pursuit of victory.'

A battlemind is simply a fighter who chooses the fabric of reality as his weapon.

George Lovesy artista ilustrador digital da Nova Zelândia.

fire warrior, Digital Concept Art by George Lovesy"

warrior - Buscar con Google

orc/half or female ranger. Nicely done not over exaggerated size or armor as often done with orcs, oh and no bone armor thank goodness.

Fuck Yeah Warrior Women, inspirecompetence: Nyt concept for klaatukatt

f Hobgoblin Ranger Slaver LE Whip Sword (immagine JPEG, 735 × 1000 pixel)

Half-Orc Warrior

Half-Orc Warrior

Valla--Monalisa, Sun haiyang on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/valla-monalisa

nickytwothumbs: scifi-fantasy-horror: by SUN HAIYANG Thieves. John Woo as fuck.

When he was little he always talked about controlling the air, lightning, weather and even the very sky.  At first he had just played around and pretended, but soon the villagers began mocking him and insulting him, some bullying him.  One day he vanished and although the parent's grieved, the village continued.  Then several years later a man robed and armored walked into the village and killed those who maimed the child.  Whether this man was the child or not is unknown.

Warlock 2 concept art, Sergey Kondratovich on ArtStation

Hunter Angel of the God-Machine

Illustration de Hideaki Takamura

Valkyr Soulclaimer by Hideaki Takamura

WORLD OF FANTASY — artmaniacsblog: Satan, Lord of the Wicked...

Satan, Lord of the Wicked by Choi Yongjae. ArtStation Legend of the cryptids © Applibot, 2012

Character concept for the project "Dungeon Uprising"All rights belong "Redkeep Games"

Card art for Fantasy Flight Games, recently released as part of one of the Nightmare Decks for LotR. If you want to see part of the process, check it ou.

PZO92101-CrystalhurstDruid.jpg (JPEG Image, 642 × 1000 pixels) - Scaled (46%)

Orc/Half-Orc Ranger Beast Master with boar and light armor/hide

ArtStation - Ork gal, Joanna Wolska

Ork Gal (closeup) by Joanna Wolska on ArtStation