"God is greater than the highs and lows." Love this tattoo!

80 Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning

Interesting tatoo: "God is greater than the highs and lows." Check it out: a G for God, a greater than symbol, and an upside down V and right-side up V to symbolize the "highs" and "lows."from Nick Jonas

I love the stippling in this tattoo..and the geo landscape is cool. Would look nice lightly shaded with a dust of color!

Mini landscape tattoo I just finished on Jenn who got a mini compass not so long ago! This is high (: by brie_dots_etc Más


BICEP DOUBLE-BAND TAT + FLEXING: an / tattoo of two line width variations which fully surround the on a canvas of somewhat build.

Marilyn tattoo

Marilyn Monroe geometric tattoo- I like this idea. not Marilyn monroe though

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Arrow Tattoos for Men

When it comes to tattoos, choosing the design is probably the most mind-boggling part. However, if you want something simple that reflects your personality then an arrow tattoo is your best pick. Perhaps the biggest…