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Image of the Day today is 'Of butterflies and astronauts' by design student Markus Nowak. It was his first artwork done using Blender!

El espacio es la última frontera. Ese enigmático gran lugar nos fascina por sus misterios y porque ningún humano ha logrado explorarlo en su totalidad. Por eso en este post queremos compartir 13 ilustraciones llenas de creatividad que tratan ese tema en formas que van más allá de la razón.

13 creativas ilustraciones del espacio

See you again...

With fantastic artwork by Alex Wells, Isaac Asimov's I, Robot is hugely influential in both the science-fiction genre and the world of robotics.

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Space Ride poster by from thought of organization collection. By buying 1 Displate, you plant 10 trees.

Pretty things

Pretty things

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ASTROVAGANT [adjective] travelling through space; traverse through stars. Etymology: from Greek astron, “stars” + Latin vagans, past participle of vagary, “to wander about”.

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I want to draw a picture of an astronaut in space with a gun to his head but, have it wear he is blowing the galaxy out his head instead of his brain. Or maybe have the astronaut float in darkness.