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My son changed his mind from being Bumble Bee transformer to being a mummy. How To Make An Easy, No-Sew, Child's Mummy Costume

How To Make An Easy, No-Sew, Child's Mummy Costume

Mummies! cheap and easy halloween costume #halloween #costume

It's been a long week, do we look tired? Just kidding! These are the costumes we finally decided on (and finished about 8 minutes before the party. I went to Walmart (the dreaded Walmart!

Still Looking For a Halloween Costume? Here's a Quick and Cool Mummy DIY

This Mummy DIY Is the Cool, Last-Minute Costume You've Been Waiting For

Mummy DIY

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DIY Mummy Halloween Costume Idea - Gauze

DIY Mummy Costume

Gauze Roll Stretch Bandage 24 Piece Set In Bulk. Medical Sterile Israeli Conforming Bandages, Use For Wrapping Boxing Injuries & Surgery, Nurses Band Aid Dressing And Halloween Party Mummy Costume

Attaching the Strips to the Shirt

How to Make a Mummy Costume


19 No Sew DIY Halloween Costumes You & Your Kids Will Love

diy bane mask tutorial

Bane Mask "The Dark Knight Rises"

This is my rendition of alexthemoviegeek's bane mask found here. I started the mask on Sunday July 2012 with the sole intention of wearing the mask to the.