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I actually identify with Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, AND Scorpio. But I am a Pisces

How the astrological signs cope with stress. I am just like my Gemini self and try and keep busy.

THE SIGNS DEPRESSED - for anyone who knows my Capricorn personality this hit the nail on the head for me!

For use pairing main characters with a love interest Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel  Panda http://www.instagram.com/noelitoflow

For use pairing main characters with a love interest. Technically a Libra, just two days away from being a Scorpio.

I do take great pictures... Might even become a photographer~ At some point when I'm old enough to go to high school... #Sagittarius

Imma pisces, and I'm going to take a Sagittarius, Scorpio, libra, and a Taurus with me if I go anywhere.

Aquarius... and then some of us HATE going through this all the time so we just avoid people as much as we possibly can ~H

LOL well if this isn't the most on point thing I've read all day! Everything I do is constantly judged by others because I go against the status quo + honestly couldn't give two shits what anyone thinks

Aquarius: most likely to travel the world,most likely to take over the world

Taurus: Most likely to become a starving artist, win a grammy, and have ten kids.