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Some people do not get that the front end is a completely different department. People will look at you like you are, and occasionally imply that you are stupid for not knowing the price of something; it's like asking a Hooters waitress to cook wings.

Now that I work in retail, I totally get this. The short answer is: I DON'T know everything on sale.

Exactly! Retail Robin meme

Retail robin - After young Ebenezer Scrooge spent his college holiday seasons working retail, he vowed to never speak of Christmas again.

Or there hours ago...

Ok ive never has this happen but the fact that it has somewhere. still laughing

Retail Robin - "but the sign says -"  you'll have to ask the sign then

Retail Robin - & the sign says -& you& have to ask the sign then

They *only* time this is ok is when you decided you didn't want them at the last second & didn't want to be the douche that just shoved them anywhere.  Then I thank you.

I always wanted to see Corporate's flow chart on this. back pain hilarious

I'll personally give you directions to another store.

[Image Description: Background is several triangles in a circle like a pie alternating from true red, scarlet and black. A robin is sitting on his perch looking to the right.Top Text: “ WHEN CUSTOMERS HAVE .

Retail Robin - Customer places items on counter and swipes credit card i didn't even scan anything yet, what are you trying to pay for?

Retail robin- Never heard that one before. I hear this every single day of my life. If I had just a penny for every time I've heard that these last few years, yeah, let's just say I wouldn't be working retail still. Just sayin.