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After the Battle of Mantineia, 418 BC, Steve Noon

"After the Battle of Mantinea 418 BC." Steve Noon The Battle of Mantinea of 418 BC was a significant engagement in the Peloponnesian War. Sparta and its allies defeated an army led by Argos and Athens.

an Athenian trireme ~ Marc Henniquiau ~ I especially like the dolphins swimming along side...would have been a great sight...

an Athenian trireme ~ Marc Henniquiau ~ I especially like the dolphins swimming along side.would have been a great sight.

Spartan Warriors. Beware all who opposed them: You WILL BE CREAMED!!! lol XD

Documentary Last stand of the 300 Spartans - History Channel Documentaries

Ancient Greece Reloaded

Group: Sacred Gate Album: Tides Of War Year: 2013 Track Genre: Heavy Metal Copyright © I do not own rights to the music in this video All of them bel.

The Colossus at Rhodes ~ P. de Broche

Demetrius the Besieger! - caused his enemy Rhodes to build the Colossus


The Sea People. A mysterious group of sea-borne warriors that ravaged the late Bronze Age Aegean.

Greek trireme, Salamis

Paintings of Classical Mythology and a brief introduction to Greek & Roman, Mythology featuring contemporary Illustrations by Howard David Johnson

Mycenaean warriors disembark their "black ships", as described by Homer, in the Iliad, on the beaches near Troy. ~ art by Guiseppe Rava ~ though this is supposed to illustrate the warriors of the Iliad, 1150 B.C., it actually illustrates the warriors of Homer's time, Geometric Greece 900-700 B.C., judging by the armour and patterns they wear.

Greek Warriors of the (Greek) Dark Age Period BC) art by Giuseppe Rava

Mycenaean Wanax on war chariot, a proto-Achaean warrior from the Aegina area and an Achaean warrior from Argolis.

Giuseppe Rava - Mycenaean chariot in battle outside the Walls of 'Golden Mycenae' during the late Greek Bronze Age.