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I will give a shout out to who ever guesses what song this is by what band correctly. No cheating!

Those batch of emos included me lol

yesss a new batch of darklings This little girl at my church ( THREE YEARS OLD) was like, I saw big hero six! and I choked << and the next generation will either be a bunch of emos or frozen fans

I'm listening to My songs know what you did in the dark while reading this

Be careful making wishes in the *aggressively slams head onto table twice* DARK DARK

It's funny, because this is exactly what I've been doing most of the evening, but right now I'm listening to Bang the Doldrums and yelling "YOU'RE ALL WRONG / ARE WE ALL WRONG?" really loud in my head, so….But this is spot on. Incredibly so. Every single song of theirs, somehow, has The Comfort Food Quality.

I usually listen to a combination of FOB, BVB and band interviews because they make me laugh

stay frosty royal milk tea vs bishops knife trick

Ooh i like this game: the carpal tunnel if love vs golden; i slept with someone in fall out boy vs i've got a dark alley and a bad idea; take this to your grave: error

I'm just gonna sing the whole Fall Out Boy song now, don't mind me.

Anything you say can and will be turned by me into FOB lyrics

Even though I'm actually quite good at remembering the song titles and understands  the lyrics

This is so ridiculously accurate. I could listen to the first 2 seconds of a Fall Out Boy song and sing the whole thing, but there is a very small chance that I will be able to tell you the name

And sugar they're goin' down swingin'!

And sugar they're goin' down swingin'! I've got great music taste and bad grades! My parents are gonna kill me where's a good hiding place

The Emo Trinity

Also mcr is when u want to CRI BC their not getting back together and ur EMO trash