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"St. Margaret Marys blew up." "Were there any children in it?" "No you freak! It was being used for storage by the diocese."

"This isn't funny Dru, we set a church on fire. A holy, sacred, house of God. If that isn't grounds for eternal damnation I don't know what is." "Gabriel try to relax. All the hailmarys in the world can't fix this.

The city being destroyed is like a phoenix, it will come back from the ashes, and this would be a opportunity to start a gain, and incorporate books in the process.

Another One Bites The Dust: Alma College Burns Down

Fire always makes me sad. Celia would never set fires, after the death of her mother and the burning of their house by the enemy she learned that he who created fire is the one to uses it for burning.

old time religion by Jim Linderman: old-time-religion Retrospective 2 Million Hits

This picture with the steeple falling and the crow flying looks like something out of a graphic novel