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Snow and Emma :) hahahahha this scene

I loved this scene, it shows Emma how much Snow wanted Emma yo have a happy future

Favorite scene

” David: “I still have the scar.” Snow: “Which healed!” Are you sure you want the first thing he knows to be that his parents fell in love during an armed robbery?

Once upon a time- funny

Day 10 funniest moment: snow drifts/ snow and charming talk about how they met once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time - from all the interview I've glimpsed they seem to be one of the most sincere and genuinely funny cast (and crew) around. If you ever needed a second family this is it.

Once upon a time - Season 5

Captain Killian James/Hook is probably the only guy I would ever kiss/date/marry who is wearing eyeliner!

Ariel cracks me up, she needs to be in the show more often

Once Upon A Time: she channeled Ariel so perfectly I just can't

That part made me laugh.  once upon a time season 3 hook and emma

That part made me laugh so hard XD once upon a time season 3 hook and emma best quote ever.

I knew you wouldn't let me rot in that cage. I've been in my fair share of brigs. But none as barbaric as that. They force-fed me something called bologna. -Hook

Hook faces the cruel fate of the modern prison system by enduring being fed bologna! Oh the horror!

Now that's a real family moment. Even if that's Henry not Pan...awkward honestly I didnt think that sounded like something Henry would say but the more I hear it the better it sound

Rumple talking to his grandson who is trapped in Pan's body (who is Rumple's estranged, nearly-immortal father)( is it a bad thing that I really wanted Henry to stay in Pan's body?