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Rose Jensen-Holm Ceramics

Rose Jensen-Holm Ceramics

^A benefit of salt is that it hardens the pectins in the vegetables leaving them crunchy and enhancing the flavor. The more salt you use, the slower the fermentation process and the saltier the taste. It is easy to salt too much, so we recommend salting to taste unless you want a longer storage time. (Please note, excessive use of salt can halt the culturing process by killing virtually all the microorganisms.) *

Natural Fermentation: Salt vs. Whey vs. Starter Cultures

As fine and smooth as egg shells, these bone china bowls and tea lights from British designer Caroline Swift are paper thin, beautifully translucent, yet incredibly strong.

ASHES TO VASES | Bjarni Sigurdsson Vases | WALL STREET JOURNAL - STYLE writes about Bjarni's hot vases. Bjarni has a Ceramic Studio near Reykjavik and might also be at Stígur Art Gallery, Skólavörðustíg 17 b., Reykjavík. (Publ. Dec.1, 2015)

The Off Duty 50: Global Holiday Gift Guide

Ceramics by Jacqui R

Color Trends: Haymes Color Forecast 2015

James Whiting - Cup Number 4 #pottery #ceramics #cup

James Whiting Ceramics I absolutely adore James Whiting ceramic! Here is something about him from his website: “James Whiting is a ceramics artist, teacher and photographer living in the San Francisco.