Creative use of old wood

could make a little Fairy style bird house village for my feather friends.

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BIRD HOUSE – wonderful birdhouse includes attic level and basement, plus two full levels for entertaining. Please, no pets allowed, especially squirrels.


Garden Glass such a cute birdhouse Barn birdhouse Gourd Birdhouse OOAK bird house

is this for the birds or me?

Marvin Gardens sells Home Bazaar Clubhouse Bird Houses, Decorative Bird Houses, and Plantation Bird Houses at great prices.

Birdhouse with a water spout perch! #birdhouses

Birdhouse with a water spout perch! #birdhouses

Birdhouse Rustic Bird Feeder 276. $24.95, via Etsy.

Birdhouse Rustic Bird Feeder 276

Birdhouse by kkjj

Birdhouse by kkjj

Birdhouses from everyday household items.

Let's be 'green', inventive and feed our garden birds ! Recycled objects make a clever birdhouse.