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coo and co: Block print a plain bag

Block print a plain bag Printing on fabric is so much fun and you get to show off your work everywhere you go with this simple tote .

Mirdinara printmaking

“Hey printmakers, this round thing called barren really makes it easier on your fingers, shoulders and neck.

• Dispatched within 7 days • FREE UK delivery available • International delivery available • Made in the UK An illustrated raining clouds cotton tote bag that has long handles which fit comfortably over your shoulder.

Raining Clouds Cotton Tote Bag Shopper

A delightful and charming tote bag with blush pink raining clouds design. Chase away the grey with a dash of pink and celebrate those summer showers

Make your own stamp.  No words, just pictures of different ways to create your own unique stamps.  Save yourself some money by making your own stamps.

homemade stamp ideas---perfect for creative gift wrap There's a really cool tutorial on making different kinds of stamps.

Garlic Handmade · bleu

Gorgeous block print design, with a bit of a whimsical feeling with the leaves overlapping in no particular pattern.

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A very talented stamp artist now has stamps available from one of the top stamp manufacturers, Magenta.

How to make a stamp from craft foam sheets.  Endless possibilites!

How to Make a Stamp from Craft Foam

How to make a stamp from craft foam sheets. (with animal templaes, but cn use any shape you want)

adhesive foam sheets.  You can just draw right on them with a ballpoint pen, and that leaves enough of a depression to make an instant stamp. Plus, the foam squishes in a really satisfying way as you draw.  Quick, easy, inexpensive, endless possibility.

Tutorial: Make Your Own Foam Stamps

Adhesive Foam Sheets Ballpoint pen Scissors Wood blocks or something else for adhering the stamp Paint Paper Brayer or rolling pin