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Artist: Arash Radkia

Artist: Arash Radkia

I like the idea of heavy armour with a dark hood, but it could reduce the overall character's design as you couldn't see the character. The idea of using some sort of lightning and a shield is quite interesting.

If Heaven and Hell could be combined in an artistic photograph, the beautiful and talented Miss Lakune, has done so with her ethereally ...

Learning The Basics Of Web Design Is Pretty Simple

ooooooh, something definitely like this. I need eyes, horns and lots of white makeup. Not sure what to do with clothing, but probably something monotone

Abigali vs her twin bother Sabnock  A war of creatures of the night vs Demons of Hell

Artists Corner - Absolutely Incredible Digital Art By Hgjart

Guangjian Huang - Angel vs Demon(Supposed to be Angel Vs. Demon, but I figure according to the Underworld, this would be Demon Vs.

"Fallen" by Sandara on deviantArt

"Angels and demons shot into the sky, tumbling and spinning, their black wings screaming--a battle was in the making"--Melinda Jane Harrison

Bird skull hair accessories.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Crafty Things To Do With Animal Skulls

so , i love this hairstyle, maybe with a tad less bird skull. but still at least one bird skull ;) maybe with flowers in the eye sockets to tie it in to the theme!