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"The Black Dragon v2" by Wes Talbott | #Fantasy #Dragons

Yet another brave warrior faces a dragon, this one with oily black scales in contrast to the snowy mountain peaks. Fantasy illustration by Wes Talbott.

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The Hydra

Hydra: large sea serpent/dragon with more than one head. Cut one off and two more grow back.Art by Dan Scott

Angra_Reg by Marat-Ars - marat ars - CGHUB via

Fantasy Art: Angra - Digital, FantasyCoolvibe – Digital Art Fantasy Art by Marat Ars. by Divonsir Borges

Sivaasvokuul (Beast/Evil) - Elder Serpent Dragon

Rahab- Jewish folklore: a sea monster or water dragon. "The demonic angel of the sea". Represents the primordial abyss, darkness, and chaos. Is associated with the Red Sea.