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Rhubarb leaf natural dye on wool.

Natural Dyes: Rhubarb Leaves and Bark Extracts from Donna Kallner Fiber Art / ancient techniqueswith a modern twist

Use black beans to get a blue color natural dye!

Natural dyeing with black beans - range of colours blue to green (uses soaking water only, beans can be eaten) lil fish studios: dyeing with Tansy and.

Beautiful, vibrant colors can be achieved by dyeing with plants found on your homestead on in your backyard!

Natural Dyeing :: Creating Vibrant Color with Plants

Natural Dyeing - Amazing color from plants on your homestead, or in your backyard! check the website and the book listed

How to dye with Poke Berries and Pumpkin. Love the results!

How to dye with Poke Berries and Pumpkin. Try this with Superberries Aronia Berries. They have a dark purple color.

https://flic.kr/p/2VeHVs | Berries, Natural Dyes | At the carpet weaving center we visited on our trip to Cappadocia in Turkey this past July. All the wool dyes are made from natural sources of flowers, berries, leaves, and/or bark.

Berries, Natural Dyes by Philosopher Queen. This was my first job with CW between college years: we built a fire, boiled some berries or leaves and dyed some wool spun by CW's Spinning and Weaving Shop.