Double Knitting: Build your knitting skills with Double Knitting. Double knitting is working two--sided fabric, which has no right or wrong side. The fabric lies flat, it is thicker and warmer and does not have any tension threads (as in stranded knitting). Easy Plus (DC) $24  Free tutorial download: double-knitting (students should have tutorial downloaded before class)  Sunday, July 13 12 p.m.-3 p.m.

(must learn!) Double Knitting: double knit a stockinette scarf to lay flat instead of curling. Color knitting is reversible, showing a negative of the image on the back of the work instead of floats.

A round and cuddly Pig, about 5” tall and 5” wide. He stands on his four legs through the power of yarn engineering and there isn’t even any wire making his tail curl. This is a very popular pattern with pig lovers of all ages.

Round Pig pattern by Clare Doornbos

Knitting pattern for Palm Sized Dragon

Teeny Toy Knitting Patterns

Noah Christmas Eragon Knitting pattern for Palm-Sized Dragon by CraftyMutt (some crochet). Two inches tall, and five from nose to tail. More pics on Etsy (affiliate link) tba fantastical stashbuster teeny toy