Element of Design: This piece of art shows how value or lightness or darkness of a piece can make the art look detailed.

TUTORIAL: COLORS PART 2 by Cubesona on DeviantArt

Part 1 of my colors tutorial. Other people are gonna work with color differently than I do. I'm just showing you what my technique is.

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【塗り】 Very similar to the verdaccio method that the masters used to use! But it's all digital!

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Mondocanard, visual development line drawing, creating line art for environmental design

This piece shows line art because it is a gesture drawing. This drawing has details in it which gives us more information on the drawing. The shadows in this drawing also show more detail to the visual audience.

The Etherington Brothers: How to THINK when you draw SEA WATER and WAVES

How to THINK when you draw SEA WATER and WAVES

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