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Robert Polidori / after the flood

Bellaire Drive, New Orleans, September, Robert Polidori 2005

Beech row

Looking up at the top of the trees. Love the path of space that's created where no tree branches are. Art by nature.

Ginkgo biloba by Horticultural Art... a collection of framed leaf art would be lovely for autumn

Ginkgo biloba by Horticultural Art. a collection of framed leaf art would be lovely for autumn This really inspires me for my designs. Call on nature texture! Love the color, the way the leaves lay on top of each other as like fish scales

Alice in Wonderland photo shoot

Let’s Play Pretend is the title of this Alice in Wonderland inspired photographic series, by Canadian artist Lissy Laricchia. They are soft and beautiful, and slightly disturbing… I think Mr. Carroll would be proud.

Hurricane Katrina, 2005, Mississippi's gulf coast

Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi's gulf coast: We have not forgotten of those in Hurricane Katrina or Gulf Coast Oil Spill. Tune in at 554 9123 'State of the Black Parent' R/T Share

james turrell pool #light installation mastery #sc

James Turrell (b. Los Angeles, CA) - Baker Pool, James Turrell’s Installation in the basement of a Greenwich, Connecticut barn belonging to Richard and Lisa Baker and their three children.

My kind of street!!

Street Chandelier by Werner Reiterer. Beautiful and ornate, the Street Chandelier sheds a romantic light.