Tricking classic

Poor Classic Sonic fell for the oldest trick in the book.

That is definitely NOT how you eat pocky... Poor classic sonic doesn't know that's food and modern sonic just gives him a face like "was I this dumb?" Lol

That is definitely NOT how you use Pocky, Classic Sonic! XD Modern Sonic's face kills me every time.


Aww sonic why do classic that way?

I'd totally be classic sonic :3

Classic Sonic is Kawaii Sonic XD

Oh classic sonic :c

Sonic: Don't worry I will save you Classic sonic ( SONIC)

This is the coolest thing ever!!! Seriously! Evolution from classic, to modern, to Boom Sonic!

Classic Sonic, Modern and the spin off one is Boom

classic sonic dise no kiero irme sonic moderno

Sonic, Comet or Marshi?

Classic Sonic

You can do it, sonic!

Miren el trabajo de este asombroso artista japones, el es el que hace todos estos cómics de Classic sonic!

Shadow:*as hes pulling classic sonic out* c'mon, dude, stop hogging the- O.o' Sonic(modern):ZZZzzzZZZZ.uhh, okay?


Sonic the Werehog as a puppy!would that be Classic Sonic the Werehog? Oh, Shadow's here too!