Karai, Casey and April by LinART.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Casey Jones and male!April (TMNT 2012 TV) Yes, I'm just kidding and no, I will NOT draw fem!turtles)) Karai, Casey and April

Casey Jones ~ by GoreChick on DeviantArt

I really like him in the 2012 series. He's cute, and I love the face paint Casey Jones ~

TMNT - Guessing Game by Myrling on DeviantArt

TMNT - Guessing Game by Myrling on DeviantArt<- This makes me laugh as hard as it should (which is a lot) comic << Mikey's crying, Donnie tries to find a logical reason, Leo is ashamed, and Raph.

Omg noooooo... leo why!!!--> XD is it wrong that I predicted that to happen?

Everybody gets a meme

Well, technically, Leo and Karai aren't related. She's the biological daughter of his adopted after, yes, but she was raised by her uncle. And he's a turtle.