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I absolutely love the guidebooks of Everyman guidebook! Got one for NYC ages ago, and recently purchased London, Boston and an updated NYC. Great format, clever mapsheets and lots of useful info. Personally, I also attach post it's with extra info about specialty shops, outlets etc (about £ 6.99)
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one of the best books worth reading in my opinion. loved this book since my 4th grade teacher read it aloud to the class everyday after lunch.
Im so glad the movie was epic b/c I can not read the book...#itshard #notbigonpoetry #thanksoprah
20 history books worth reading summer 2017. If you love historical fiction, these book recommendations are for you! Including great WWII fiction.
The Help by, Kathryn Stockett - Her first novel, set in 1960s Alabama. Wonderful characters and a really interesting look into the class structure of the deep South. I was sad when it ended.