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GIF-One Direction I love how they don't even care that louis fell<<<< they did care, they were stopping the video

Day Favorite one direction gif-------Lol LOUIS! You need to watch this 5 time so you can look at all of them lol

Harry Styles

21 Celebrities Throwing Massive Side-Eye at Other Celebrities

This is the face ya get when you are Getting caught in the process of staring at your crush.

I FOUND IT! Harry's "I'm bisexual" gif. <<<<<< NIALL!! HE IS LIKE "HE FINALLY SAID IT!"<<<< Fourth time pinning it, but who could resist pinning this!

Remember when he said this in an interview and management deleted but we found the gif

I'm not a Larry supporter but this is still funny

I'm not a Larry supporter but this is still funny<<<< I'm a larrie and this is fucking hilarious