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c02aa372fb3679f0e6bb9b81cb663da9.jpg 717×960 pixels

Art & Inspiration - Candy, Lace, Flake, Flames... wanna see WILD custom paint... | The H.A.M.B.

hopefully tastefully done wild custom paint but lets see those far out Lace and Flake jobs. Kirks car has me all giddy to spray some flake and lay.

50's 60's and 70's Custom Stripe and Fade Paint Job Style Gas Can

70's Custom

The - were some of the boldest years in automotive innovation. Muscle cars were loud, fast, and unapologetic in their style. During this transition bold designs and groundbreaking paint tech

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wanna see WILD custom paint.

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Elroy Kirkendal

Elroy Kirkendal