A Life Lived Well Honeymooning on a private island with the love of my life, waking up before him, going naked outside for a quick swim, and then getting back to him, to shower him with kisses. #future

I so miss doing this just walking and thinking by the ocean, and feeling the sand between my toes. But soon I will be near the ocean again, doing this again.

"A vida nos ensina, com milhões de tombos diários, que se encolher diante da dor e do medo não nos salva. É preciso alongar a coragem e deixar o peito aberto, nada é mais forte do que a nossa fé de que as coisas podem dar certo."  (Camila Heloise)

Love this photo *** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery.

No creo que todo lo que empezamos tengamos necesariamente que acabarlo. Pero si es bueno, salvarlo, no dejarlo morir. Aunque mil veces caiga aún creo en el ser humano y en todos esos poros de nuestro cuerpo por los  que en algún momento nos hemos contaminado con amor.

The summer sun breaks the surface water into a million piece, and for a moment the world is silent.

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Swimming in the ocean sea beach water in Hawaii island paradise Australia California summer

Close to perfection

The waterbender Achmad Kurniawan is a photographer based in Indonesia specializing in creating conceptual work in dark style. The remaining The last passenger No melodic My soul In my dream I will go to… Continue Reading →


on rest & harvesting

I was once asked why I never create "moody" art. My answer was simply "I can not" my soul is forever sunshine. My soul constantly looks for the ocean. As the ocean will always soothe my soul. This life is bliss

https://flic.kr/p/cpv3HC | High Tide. | 302/365  E - Enormous. Funny story to go with this photo but you'll find that out in a few photos from now (:

The water was icy cold, biting at her already chapped skin, and she could hardly make her fingers release their death hold on the rock. Yet time was of the essence; nothing but the tide could carry her away from this place and the tide waits for no man.

beach hair

Reminds me of swimming in Lake Lemon when I was a kid. I hated to get water in my nose. BTW, lakes were much cleaner than they are now.