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I love the contrast between the thick letters around the extremely thin i. It helps the i thin out and it gets the message across clearly.

Expressive Typography / Mustafa Saifee

The exaggerated kerning between the L and O creates an empty space that isolates the L, conveying the meaning of the word lonely. By mustafa saifee

Elisa Tan

But she can answer simple questions like that 🙂 just want to know what she does for fun! What she does on her free time.

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This creative word play is cool for how simple it is, yet it still creates a descriptive image.


I thought the use of breaking the word was clever as it visually communicates the words meaning

#swallow #logo #verbicon

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Graphic Design and Typography Portfolio - cant remember who did this but very clever


Tessa's notes: I love that there's an icon within the logo that could be used separately and that the icon explains the business somewhat (assuming it's a travel company, but maybe they sell suitcases?

Expressive Typography on Behance

The abrupt cut between the 'n' and 'e' makes the design a little distracting, because a new newly formed word, corn, has entered the scene.