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luciel choi - mystic messenger but it keeps getting faster

Bless this beautiful wonderful sweet absolutely ADORKABLE boy! Luciel, Seven  Mystic Messenger.

And then you realise that he doesn't exist so you can immediately die cause you know that in the real world is this really impossible.(nameless potato-what this person said is true Ô-Ô)

mystic messenger, luciel choi, and saeyoung choi 이미지

You know, you can just kick him in the nuts if you wanted to <<< pinning just for that comment my gosh

Jaehee, Mystic messenger

Jaehee, Mystic messenge Jaehee more like BAEhee

So adorable.. ;-;

Jaehee could make me go lesbian any day with that peace sign and smile of hers. Sadly, she friend-zoned me ;

Ima be redoing casual for like the 7th time and try to get Yoosung I'm cool w/ Jaehee too but if I get zen I will scream

(Mystic Messenger) Zen, Jumin, Yoosung and 707