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I don't remember much before they dragged me into the room and asked me questions, I didn't know how to answer them, I didn't even know my name.

"We Need To Talk Through Some Things"

This integration room shows were Beecky was integrated to find were Benson is hiding out and is even told that she may be killed if she does not fess up were Benson is.

lock and key.

It was a bright, pleasant room that always smelled of something nice. They had spent more time there, having their evening tea, than anywhere else in her home.

Open, Vaelin)) I stood aiming my gun at the target and shooting off round after round. It was late and there was no one else around. I finally finish and as I'm heading for the door you walk in.

"You've been here all day" He stated behind me. I wiped my face, the lump in my throat was still there. "Someone just messed with my friend and I'm about to screw them personally"

Interrogation room

From Blade Runner, love the colors and the way they achieved the atmosphere. Plano de Blade Runner, adorei as cores e como eles atingiram a atmosfera do local.