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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Jensen looks like he hasn't changed much but he still looks scared in both lol. Jared has changed soo much and he's just like taking control like he can sense Jensen being freaked out

Jensen trying to fit in with the big boys and their man buns. Lol

Supernatural: I love Jensen's face in the first one. He looks so startled and confused by what he sees. He doesn't know if he should hug it or punch it. But then he joins in and all is good

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Jared and Jensen trying to come up with a name for a fan's baby.obviously Daneel and Genevieve must've picked the baby names!

Wow I didn't know this. Swan song is still in my opinion one of the best episodes ever, such great performances from all the actors

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Dean's "real life" brother got pissed off watching Dean get beat up in Swan Song and ten ignored Jared next time he saw him.