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neEd to watch this bc yoongi as a girl owns everything in my life

neEd to watch this bc yoongi as a girl owns everything in my life<< i actually don't know where this was from either but i watched it when watching BTS funny moments compilations

1,329 Likes, 21 Comments - suck my dick pls (@plsjimino) on Instagram: “i just got home and my uncle already cooked so i dont have much work to do i love life so far so…”

The mins , there's the police officer dad , the hardworking maid mum , the swag uncle , baddass sister and the one and only original

When bright sunshine in your life (sope)

Roses are red. Violets are dope. Suga is suffering because of J-Hope >.< This is beautiful

Your life will be better if you approach everything without a prejudice. Slow clap for Yoongs

Thats our Yoongi<<<Yeah people seriously need to just listen to the music, the lyrics actually mean something and all their songs are really catchy and just awesome all around! Also, am I the only person who saw that his favorite hobby is lying down?

Oooh Hoseok xD I'm so happy that I'm not the only one thihi

MEEEEE all my kpop friends are online friends instead of real life friends )))):