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I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

umm.... isn't allowed to see your kid COURT ordered but still claims he's the best dad ever. Didn't call on her bday. On Point !

Ecard Define Deadbeat Parent: See's kids at their convenience. credit on how great the kid is.

Take note of this one too..by almost 14 grand. Love how you can run that fat mouth of yours about me, but yet your ass should be in jail for the amount you owe!!! #GETOUTTAHERE

Deadbeat dad - Just in case you forgot.ummm & actually you havent paid a single dime since you quit your job back in may!

my Dad (aka Daddy) is an INCREDIBLE man who LOVED to pay child support to support me growing up, but other men who don't take are of their children...arg...I have no grace for that. At. All.

Free and Funny Family Ecard: The only thing worse than a dead beat dad is one that HAS a good job and STILL won't help support his kids.

Well what do you mean?? Isnt everything always the mother's fault?!? Or is that just the easy way out of facing reality? Hmmm...

so true! i just don't understand some ppl. how can a parent not love their child unconditionally?

Dear DEADBEAT Grandparents, You & your DEADBEAT son are missing out big time...

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Dear Deadbeat Grandparents; You and your deadbeat son are missing out on some great kids, plz grow-up

When your children are more mature than you - you might be a douchebag dad.

Lennox would never tell someone to shut up. He's far more mature. When your children are more mature than you - you might be a douchebag dad.

So true, "I am giving you money, what more do you want?" Uh, how about some involvment???

They should stop referring to it as child support when it is really a small donation towards a get out of parenting free card. So true