Keira Knightly with some beautiful rosy smokey eyes #BeautyTrends #CelebBeauty #SmokeyEyes

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Keira Knightley, she is a great actress.LOVE her in Pride and Prejudice, PofC, and anybody remember her as Robin Hood's daughter in "Princess of Thieves"?


Natalie Portman, does that ring a bell ? The one that played princess laia in tha Star Wars movie, the protagonist of the Black Swan movie or . if you're not such a know it all on movies its the girl that does the Dior adverts

Nasıl yaptınız????? Iki sene sonra çok şanslı hissettim kendimi... Aradığım bu, bilmem gerekenler burada dedim.... Dili farklı türde de öğrenirim:) Oranın tek dezavantajı dünyadan kopuk teoriler içinde büyüyor insan!!! Herkesi bilmeliydim:) hiç kızgın değilim:)

Keira Knightley would be a convincing Desdemona because she is able to portray so much emotion when it comes to tragic deaths, and given her acting repetoir, I think she would be the most experienced to play Desdemona.

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