You know when adults say 'Everything's gonna be fine' and you know they're probably lying to make you feel better? <<< Who told you Jared/Sam was an adult?

"The difference between love and devotion"---> I'm going to cry, because Dean DOES always smile during these parts.

Could someone do this with Cas and Dean as well? I think the explanation would fit there as well.

Don't you ever talk to me about Lisa and Ben because I will burst into tears. He was such a good husband and father and they took it away from him OMG

Ughhhh he was so happy and so good with Lisa and Ben why Supernatural whyyyy

brotherly love....

Some people say that the winchesters brotherly love is one sided, but really Sam would do anything for Dean and his worst fear is his brother disowning him Him being dead or nothing to his brother😭 Nope that's not my heart lying on the floor


LOL I can totally imagine Dean Winchester flying down a road in winter with salt spraying out the back