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Percy Jackson :( Crying now << this just ruined me. BOB!!!!<<<oh my gods... *hides under bed crying with all of the books in hand* T^T

Percy Jackson :( Crying now << this just ruined me.<<<oh my gods. *hides under bed crying with all of the books in hand* T^T // im done bobs granddaughter

I don't think she'd paint his nails but this is a good one.

THIS is the best pin ever! But I don't think the annabeth and Jason thing isn't completely true, cuz in the lost hero they talked, but if it happened it would be a little awkward<- one friend patting the other friend on the back? Oh yes, very awkward

Percy Jackson

Go Annabeth.totally what I would do if I knew someone with an Achilles Heel :P --> only the percy jackson readers will understand what you've just said

Percabeth Fanfiction <- Adorable! (I only accept these kinds of fanfics).

Read Cutest Couple Ever! from the story Percabeth Moments (Percy Jackson FanFic) by dolphin_erin (Sincerely.me) with reads.

The best part of these headcanons are the parts about Wolf and Scar's adorable relationship and WINTER. ohmygawsh shes so cute. 'overly fond of sticking her head out the window' I'm sure Jacin loves that lol. normal day goes on while he's driving... "Uhm, win, you've been really quiet-" "Look I'm a doggy" insane giggles. "GET YOUR HEAD BACK INSIDE THIS CAR!!! Please stop that... AH WINTER THAT'S TOO FAR!" "There was another dog sticking his head out. I wanted to pet him!" "ugh ur gonna kill…

Even though they wouldn't drive cars, these totally fit their personalities!