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Your signs biggest dislike here

Today in my class practical my freind saod that I'm not gonna miss anyone from our school cos we're all leaving year end & i told her I don't like her always assuming I'm such a cold person. It annoys me

*light bulb goes off*

We butt heads over this all the time. Him=Libra indecisive, wishy washy Me=Scorpio cut and dry, stop wasting time, let's move on!

Yup just about right

Yup, this is truth.I tend to keep my mouth shut until I'm absolutely SURE about what I want to say.

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Libra's are mostly honest. They don't have the gift to flat out lie but will tell a few half truths to save the feelings of others.

...and then our own do in between

I love fiercely, and unintentionally. I'll figure out what form of expression that love will reveal later. I am patient.

For real... Ur ass will get cut off real quick

Libras don't like drama and will be quick to cut someone off for it. There won't be any debate; it will just be signed, sealed and delivered.