When Charlotte Lynggaard greets me she’s in the kitchen of her family home preparing a pot of tea and looking effortlessly glamorous in a long flowing dress, feet bare, hair tied back in a loose ponytail. The world-renowned Danish jewellery designer may be creative director of Ole Lynggaard – the jewellery business launched in 1963 by her father and today favoured by HRH Crown Princess Mary – and a doyenne of style in Denmark (she was named Style Icon of the Year by a Danish...

Inside a Danish jeweller’s coastal Copenhagen home: Now a spacious contemporary home, the dwelling was a far more modest size when Lynggaard…

Hovedhuset med ét åbent rum.

Like the softening effect of the climbing rose an other planting - we should plant some ramblers the first year. Note that because it's not raised up it needs the decking frontage in order to look contained and finished

Black and white color scheme keeps this crisp and compact.

loves me a black pergola and paver patio surrounded by gardens and potted plants, vs grass .